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Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths holds its meets twice a year at the Ashokan Center of New York State. The Ashokan Center is in Olivebridge, N.Y., several miles west of Kingston, N.Y. The meets are held the first weekend in May and in the first weekend in October every year. The main demonstration is in the blacksmith shop and there is a "Hands On" workshop for beginners.

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Jonathan Nedbor
496 Tow Path
High Falls, NY 12440
Phone:(845) 687-7130

Ashokan Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop at
The Ashokan Center

Carl Davison
112 N.Puttcorners Rd.
New Paltz, N.Y. 12561

Hi, I would like to welcome you to the Northeast Blacksmiths'Association web site. Browse the links on the side or bottom of the page to get to information on educational, upcoming and past events. Our mission is to promote blacksmithing through education and sharing to all those who are interested, be they hobbist, professional or just curious and want to learn more. This is done through demonstrations, workshops and hands on training. Please check out our site, if there are any questions please contact one of our board members through the links or if there are questions or problems with the site please contact me, Larry Brown

NBA President's Message Spring 2014

As we enter the New Year and Winter is winding down, it is a time to look forward to our Spring Meet at Ashokan and the ABANA conference this summer. First, though, I will take a moment to mention a few members of our Blacksmith community who have recently passed. In the last few months we have lost several people who contributed to the revival and growth of American Blacksmithing both on a national and local level: Ivan Bailey of Georgia, Alex Bealer's son-in-law, who gave a memorable demo at Ashokan in the late 1970's; Toby Hickman from California, a great smith and teacher, known for his work with large air hammers; Charlie Orlando from Belmont NY, a member of our group for many years - Charlie was a farrier with a PhD in Education, taught for many years at John C. Campbell Folk School, was on the ABANA board and helped with both ABANA conferences at Alfred NY; David Macauley, who was an active member and Chairman of the New Jersey Blacksmiths Assoc.

Now to the future, coming up August 13-16 is the ABANA conference in Harrington DE. These exciting biennial conferences move around the country. The last one was in South Dakota, so Delaware is relatively local. There are plans for about 40 demonstrators, large vendor and tailgating areas, evening activities, etc. You will have a chance to see great smiths in action, learn a heck of a lot, see an exciting gallery exhibit, catch up with friends, buy some cool stuff and more. Quite a lot to pack into 4 days. For more info on the conference, motels in the area, registration, go to:
See you in a few weeks at Ashokan and in August at Harrington,

ABANA Conference Lottery Tickets - NBA Fund Raiser:

We will be selling tickets at our May meet for the 3 ABANA conference raffles. The ticket prices are $1 each or 6 tickets for $5 or 13 tickets for $10.

The 3 different lotteries are: Clay Spencer Tire Hammer - a cool power hammer; BAM Box - a wood chest with iron hardware; Nimba Titan anvil - a beautiful Italian pattern anvil.

The drawings will be held at the ABANA Conference in Harrington Delaware, which runs August 13 - 16, 2014. You need not be present to win, but are responsible for pick-up or shipment.

If you prefer to buy tickets by mail, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your order. Mail to: Jon Nedbor 496 Towpath, High Falls NY 12440

Please remember that our group, the NBA, will get 1/2 of the money collected from the raffle tickets we sell. You are supporting the NBA and ABANA as well as getting a chance to win some great items.

Craft School List

Adirondack Folk School,
Center for Metal Arts,
Haystack Mountain School,
New England School of Metalwork,
Peter's Valley Craft Center,
Touchstone Center for Crafts,


Pennsylvania, 30 Mi west of Philadeliphia
Mr. John White of Heritage Metalworks is looking to hire a full time blacksmith. Advanced skills are not needed but he is looking for someone with a good understanding of the fundamentals. They are located in Downingtown, PA. But if anyone is looking for a career change their web site is and their number is: 610-518-3999

If you find this position filled please let me know so I can remove this announcement, Larry Brown, Webmaster

Ashokan Field Campus has changed hands and is now
"The Ashokan Center",
click to see information on this historic change!

For information on
The Ashokan Center go to,

Clean Forging Coal Now
Available at Ashokan
Stock up from this new batch

Northeast Blacksmith Association
General Facebook Page

This Facebook Page allows you to send an email to all of the members of NBA with a single address: NBA Facebook Page.

A member sent in some old pictures from a meet many years ago. See an old NBA meet and see if you recognize anybody. If you do contact me and let me know so I can fill in some captions,
Larry Brown
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Check out the 2014 Schedule Of
Blacksmithing Classes
At Peters Valley Craft Center

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