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Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths holds its meets twice a year at the Ashokan Center of New York State. The Ashokan Center is in Olivebridge, N.Y., several miles west of Kingston, N.Y. The meets are held the first weekend in May and in the first weekend in October every year. The main demonstration is in the blacksmith shop and there is a "Hands On" workshop for beginners.

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Upcoming Meet is with Eric Schatzel on September 29th to October 1st 2017!


Click "HERE" To register for the Fall 2017 Meet and to pay by Credit Card. Please try this new registration method. Remember there is a late fee after September 17th!

Prices go up after that, but people can still register right up to the actual event. We have to give the campus a guaranteed number two weeks prior, and we get charged extra for anyone that registers after that date. Mailing in a check is also an option for payment, but you still need to register on-line. Otherwise you will have to be registered upon arrival. There is no cut-off date for meals with the new food service manager, but they still has to plan ahead, so please register in advance on line.

Jonathan Nedbor
496 Tow Path
High Falls, NY 12440
Phone:(845) 687-7130

Ashokan Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop at
The Ashokan Center

Carl Davison
112 N.Puttcorners Rd.
New Paltz, N.Y. 12561

Hi, I would like to welcome you to the Northeast Blacksmiths'Association web site. Browse the links on the side or bottom of the page to get to information on educational, upcoming and past events. Our mission is to promote blacksmithing through education and sharing to all those who are interested, be they hobbist, professional or just curious and want to learn more. This is done through demonstrations, workshops and hands on training. Please check out our site, if there are any questions please contact one of our board members through the links or if there are questions or problems with the site please contact me, Larry Brown

Northeast Blacksmith Association
Fall 2017 Hammer-In
Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st

Our demonstrator for the Fall meet is Eric Schatzel. He grew up in the Hudson Valley and at a young age developed an interest in traditional trades. He is now 27 and has been smithing for 14 years.

Presently he lives in Otsego County and is the Master Smith of The Field Blacksmith Shop at The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY. He has his own shop, Shatzel Forgeworks, as well. He has benefitted from working in the shop with Paul Spaulding, Bob Cerny (whom we all know) and others while at the Farmers' Museum.

His main area of interest is the study and practice of traditional smithing, especially the work of European and American smiths of the 17th through 19th Centuries. Eric has focused on the manufacture of tools, with work ranging from delicate scissors and cutlery to larger items such as goosewing hewing axes and stake anvils.

His work is in use by many museums in the Northeast, including Fort Ticonderoga, Ganondagan SHS, and the Alexander Knight House.

For the weekend demo, Eric is planning to make a wrought iron stake anvil. He also plans to work on a traditional laminate bladed scissors or shears. In the remaining time, he will work on other traditional tool forgings, with an emphasis on high carbon steel welded to wrought iron laminates.

Eric's work is beautiful and highly refined and fits perfectly into the period he is exploring. His knowledge of

traditional processes and the forging of iron and steel will surely make this an exciting weekend demo. For photos of Eric's work, click on Blacksmithing at:

NBA President's Message Fall 2017

We are gearing up for the Fall Meet at Ashokan. Our demonstrator, Eric Schatzel, brings a high level of skill and historical accuracy to his forge work. The weekend will be a bit more crowded than usual at the Ashokan Center as we are sharing the facilities with the New England Bladesmith Guild (NEBG) for their annual meet.

The reason for sharing the facilities with NEBG is that it helps us meet the minimum number of attendees required by The Ashokan Center. The two programs will be run as separate events, with the possibility of some overlap.

Each group will have their respective demo and work areas. The evening open forge time in the Pavilion and the Sunday morning Knife Show will provide opportunities for NBA and NEBG attendees to share activities.

Other news: I am sorry to announce the passing of Bill Clemens from New Columbia PA. Bill was an ABANA board member and active in the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland and other ABANA chapters. Bill could be found at many blacksmithing meets, often demonstrating, as well. He was instrumental in the organization and planning of the Atlantic Coast Blacksmith Conference that we hosted at Ashokan in 2008. He will be missed.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank all who have contributed and kept in touch with me since the fire that destroyed my home and old forge shop in April.

Our Fall meet looks to be a great gathering of metalsmithing enthusiasts. Save the date and be sure to register early!

See you there,
Jonathan Nedbor
August 2, 2017

Minutes: NBA Fall 2016 Business Meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:50pm, Saturday by Jonathan Nedbor

Minutes from Spring 2016 Meeting were read:

Jim Moran voted Sargent at Arms
Dale Evens ran the sound system
Fred Morse will work on DVD's from Ian for 2020 ABANA conference
Purchased hammers for teaching program ....... Not done
Set up tasks for weekend were done by members without being managed by Tim or Jonathan
Patches made and were on sale, thanks to Frank Shaw
Belt buckles: we need a design
Expand teaching program: no action
New forges: no action
More interim forge meets: no action
List of "demo ready" members: no action
Ashokan Shop chimney problems was fixed so we did not donate any money toward shop repair.
Purchase tongs: no action
Frank Shaw discussed need for a new trailer, suggested we set aside money for this. Will be needed for 2020 Saratoga/ABANA Conference

New Business

Jay and Molly called and wanted Jonathan to demonstrate at blacksmith shop, he was unavailable. Jonathan suggested we develop a list of people in our group who are able and interested in demonstrating for the public. Fred Morse will provide contact info from roster.

New tool trailer: several members will watch for suitable used trailers for sale

Discussion about trailer requirements: 16' long, double axle. We might ask the Bladesmiths to contribute to the trailer cost. Tim suggested we sell our present trailer to offset the new trailer's expense. It was suggested that we could rent a trailer for 2020. Dave Caccamo will look at what is available in the $3000-$4000 range.

Rand spoke about the 2020 ABANA conference in Saratoga, NY. He has contacted other regional blacksmith groups. The proposed site offers: Tailgating and vendor space under cover; RV camping sites; 100 beds and access to showers. The site will cost $1000/day. There is space to store the ABANA trailers. Demos would be in tents. There are many hotels in the area. (Since this meeting, ABANA has accepted the venue and the planning has begun.)

Rand mentioned a power hammer build workshop in Portland, ME in the spring with Clay Spencer. He is looking for 2 more people to fill out the class of 14. It will cost $1200-$1400 to take home a Tire Hammer.

Rand has forge kits for sale. They are light and stackable, cost $250/kit + firepot. Frank made a motion to get 4 of the kits and make them in the spring. Tim suggested and the group agreed to hold off on buying any more equipment for the immediate future.

Jonathan asked for volunteers to post press releases in the local newspapers: Michael McCarthy, Daniel Lapidow, Andrew Cash and Michael Dunne volunteered. The difficulty in getting volunteers was noted.

We decided that while we think new forges are a good idea, we will wait and see how things work out with Ashokan. It was also decided that we do not need to purchase new tools for green coal operations at this time.

We need to inventory the following supplies for the blacksmith shop: batteries for the sound system, grease gun and oil for the power hammer. Moran offered to bring a grease gun, Dale will bring oil and Bill will bring batteries.

Kelly reported that Tim Miller reworked our hardies.

Sledge hammers for the shop were donated by Jonathan and Bruce.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Craft School List

Adirondack Folk School,
Center for Metal Arts,
Haystack Mountain School,
New England School of Metalwork,
Peter's Valley Craft Center,
Touchstone Center for Crafts,

Ashokan Field Campus has changed hands and is now
"The Ashokan Center",
click to see information on this historic change!

For information on
The Ashokan Center go to,

Clean Forging Coal Now
Available at Ashokan
Stock up from this new batch

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A member sent in some old pictures from a meet many years ago. See an old NBA meet and see if you recognize anybody. If you do contact me and let me know so I can fill in some captions,
Larry Brown
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