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Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths

Northeast Blacksmiths holds its meets twice a year at the Ashokan Center of New York State. The Ashokan Center is in Olivebridge, N.Y., several miles west of Kingston, N.Y. The meets are held the first weekend in May and in the first weekend in October every year. The main demonstration is in the blacksmith shop and there is a "Hands On" workshop for beginners.

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Upcoming Meet is with Bob Compton on April 28, 29, 30 2017!

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The early registration deadline to 4/1.

Prices go up after that, but people can still register right up to the actual event. We have to give the campus a guaranteed number two weeks prior, and we get charged extra for anyone that registers after that date. Mailing in a check is also an option for payment, but you still need to register on-line. Otherwise you will have to be registered upon arrival. There is no cut-off date for meals with the new food service manager, but they still has to plan ahead, so please register in advance on line.

Click "HERE" for the Spring 2017 Mail in registration and schedule of events. (PDF File)

Jonathan Nedbor
496 Tow Path
High Falls, NY 12440
Phone:(845) 687-7130

Ashokan Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop at
The Ashokan Center

Carl Davison
112 N.Puttcorners Rd.
New Paltz, N.Y. 12561

Hi, I would like to welcome you to the Northeast Blacksmiths'Association web site. Browse the links on the side or bottom of the page to get to information on educational, upcoming and past events. Our mission is to promote blacksmithing through education and sharing to all those who are interested, be they hobbist, professional or just curious and want to learn more. This is done through demonstrations, workshops and hands on training. Please check out our site, if there are any questions please contact one of our board members through the links or if there are questions or problems with the site please contact me, Larry Brown

NBA Meet at Greg Phillips
Saturday, March 18,

Spring Meet at Greg Phillips, 9 am to 5 pm. Tailgating is encouraged. Location: 937 State Route 17K, Montgomery, NY...8 miles West of the intersection of I-84 and the NYS Thruway RT 87, the house & shop are on the left as you go West on Route 17K. Greg's phone: 845-590-5254

Northeast Blacksmith Association
Spring 2017 Hammer-In April 28, 29, 30

I am pleased to announce that we have Bob Compton as our demonstrator for the Spring meet, April 28, 29, 30. Bob began smithing in 1983 with a class at Frank Turley's followed by working in several shops around New England. His own shop is in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts where he produces architectural ironwork such as railings, fire screens, lighting as well as hardware. He recently completed a large railing with Ralph Sproul, who has also demonstrated here at Ashokan. Bob describes his own work as "unique contemporary designs that express the plastic nature of hot forged steel."

Bob's demo for Saturday will be a series of small forging vignettes that demonstrate advanced forging practice. Topics to include the pyriform scroll (pear shaped), hot chasing and surface manipulation, leaf work, fold forming, hexagonal forging, traditional mechanical joinery. The tooling and theory involved in these various techniques will be discussed throughout the demo.

Sunday's demo will focus on railings. Bob will discuss and demonstrate various principles, techniques and jigs he has "developed, stolen, refined and otherwise learned over the years that aid in gathering the critical information needed for making a railing from a site survey." Then, using the site info, he will show how to recreate and model the railing in the workshop.

This sounds like an extremely informative, practical and wide ranging demo. Bob demonstrated for us many years ago and he was able to present a clear and stimulating demo. Don't miss this chance to learn from Bob's many years of experience.

As always, everyone, of all skill levels, is encouraged to bring a few pieces of their recent work. Please don't be shy about showing what you have been up to, we all learn from each other. Don't forget to make a piece for the Forging Contest and of course, bring lots of great, useful, mystery items or otherwise, for our fun and fundraising Iron-in-the-Hat lottery.

Spring is just around the corner, see you at Ashokan!

On the internet: Bob Compton

NBA President's Message Spring 2017

The big news floating around for the last couple of months is that the ABANA Conference will be coming to the Washington County Fairgrounds in Saratoga NY, June 3 - 6, 2020. That is great news for us, a conference so close to home! Yet, we must be mindful that it is also a call for volunteers, since it is so close to home! The conference is a cooperative effort and will be a benefit to all in the Northeast and beyond. A conference of this size with numerous demos, lectures, exhibits and slide shows provides an eye opening educational opportunity. The social networking with metal forgers from across the country and the world is tremendous as well. The numerous tool distributors displaying their products with "show specials", row after row of tailgating sales, tremendous! We are lucky that an ABANA conference will happen right here in our region.

With this opportunity also comes the responsibility to contribute. A conference this size depends on a labor force of many people, with many jobs requiring minimal time and effort, as well as some tasks that span the whole week of the conference from set-up to break-down. I expect the NY Designer Blacksmiths, New England Blacksmiths, NJ Blacksmiths and The Connecticut Blacksmith Guild and others will have volunteers ready to work during the conference. So, it is of upmost importance that we, as members of the Northeast Blacksmiths Assoc. contribute a dynamic group of volunteers as well.

We will be talking about this at our Spring Hammer-In. Though it may seem far in the future, we only have 3 years lead time on this. Everyone's input is valuable and needed. The level of involvement directly contributes to the level of gain. Think about being part of the event instead of simply an attendee.

Hope to see you all at our own tremendous Spring Hammer-In,
Jonathan Nedbor

Minutes: NBA Fall 2016 Business Meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:50pm, Saturday by Jonathan Nedbor

Minutes from Spring 2016 Meeting were read:

Jim Moran voted Sargent at Arms
Dale Evens ran the sound system
Fred Morse will work on DVD's from Ian for 2020 ABANA conference
Purchased hammers for teaching program ....... Not done
Set up tasks for weekend were done by members without being managed by Tim or Jonathan
Patches made and were on sale, thanks to Frank Shaw
Belt buckles: we need a design
Expand teaching program: no action
New forges: no action
More interim forge meets: no action
List of "demo ready" members: no action
Ashokan Shop chimney problems was fixed so we did not donate any money toward shop repair.
Purchase tongs: no action
Frank Shaw discussed need for a new trailer, suggested we set aside money for this. Will be needed for 2020 Saratoga/ABANA Conference

New Business

Jay and Molly called and wanted Jonathan to demonstrate at blacksmith shop, he was unavailable. Jonathan suggested we develop a list of people in our group who are able and interested in demonstrating for the public. Fred Morse will provide contact info from roster.

New tool trailer: several members will watch for suitable used trailers for sale

Discussion about trailer requirements: 16' long, double axle. We might ask the Bladesmiths to contribute to the trailer cost. Tim suggested we sell our present trailer to offset the new trailer's expense. It was suggested that we could rent a trailer for 2020. Dave Caccamo will look at what is available in the $3000-$4000 range.

Rand spoke about the 2020 ABANA conference in Saratoga, NY. He has contacted other regional blacksmith groups. The proposed site offers: Tailgating and vendor space under cover; RV camping sites; 100 beds and access to showers. The site will cost $1000/day. There is space to store the ABANA trailers. Demos would be in tents. There are many hotels in the area. (Since this meeting, ABANA has accepted the venue and the planning has begun.)

Rand mentioned a power hammer build workshop in Portland, ME in the spring with Clay Spencer. He is looking for 2 more people to fill out the class of 14. It will cost $1200-$1400 to take home a Tire Hammer.

Rand has forge kits for sale. They are light and stackable, cost $250/kit + firepot. Frank made a motion to get 4 of the kits and make them in the spring. Tim suggested and the group agreed to hold off on buying any more equipment for the immediate future.

Jonathan asked for volunteers to post press releases in the local newspapers: Michael McCarthy, Daniel Lapidow, Andrew Cash and Michael Dunne volunteered. The difficulty in getting volunteers was noted.

We decided that while we think new forges are a good idea, we will wait and see how things work out with Ashokan. It was also decided that we do not need to purchase new tools for green coal operations at this time.

We need to inventory the following supplies for the blacksmith shop: batteries for the sound system, grease gun and oil for the power hammer. Moran offered to bring a grease gun, Dale will bring oil and Bill will bring batteries.

Kelly reported that Tim Miller reworked our hardies.

Sledge hammers for the shop were donated by Jonathan and Bruce.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Craft School List

Adirondack Folk School,
Center for Metal Arts,
Haystack Mountain School,
New England School of Metalwork,
Peter's Valley Craft Center,
Touchstone Center for Crafts,

Ashokan Field Campus has changed hands and is now
"The Ashokan Center",
click to see information on this historic change!

For information on
The Ashokan Center go to,

Clean Forging Coal Now
Available at Ashokan
Stock up from this new batch

Northeast Blacksmith Association
General Facebook Page

This Facebook Page allows you to send an email to all of the members of NBA with a single address: NBA Facebook Page.

A member sent in some old pictures from a meet many years ago. See an old NBA meet and see if you recognize anybody. If you do contact me and let me know so I can fill in some captions,
Larry Brown
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